Rules of the road

We met with the Barry County Sheriffs Department today and they are reminding us that for everyone's safety we need to follow the rules of the road. This includes riding single file except when passing. Last years photos show that this was not the case. Car traffic, emergency vehicles and sag wagons need to get by the racers. This will also allow faster riders to overtake slower riders and not break the law of no more than two abreast. The Sheriff's on duty will be STOPPING riders at some intersections due to oncoming cars. This is for your safety! They will wave cyclist through intersections when it's safe, please watch for their commands. Traffic on M43 (a state highway) can not be stopped for the bike race. We cross M43 three times so make sure you obey the rules of the road and the sheriffs on duty. Please remind your fellow racers, this has been a rule since the first event in 2009 and it will be enforced now more than ever for your safety and the drivers on the road.