FAQ: Is there a rider cap, how do i register and is there day-of registration?

We receive quite a few questions pertaining to registration. Common questions are, “what is the cap?”, “how do i register?”, and “is there day-of registration?”. We’re here to help! First, the cap for the event is a total of 3,500 participants. It’s only January and we’re already closing in on 2,400 riders! While 1,100 remaining spots might seem like a lot, we just reviewed the stats and over 2,000 people who attended last year have yet to sign up! You’d be surprised at how fast those spots can go and once they’re gone that’s it. Second, we handle our registration through BikeReg as it is a commonly used platform in the cycling community and has a lot of useful features. You can register here: Barry-Roubaix registration! Third, whether we sell out all the spots or not there is no day-of registration! The deadline for 2019 is Thursday April 11th at noon EST. We hope that clears a few things up!

Barry Roubaix