FAQ: What tires/bike should i use?

We get a lot of questions from folks wondering what tires and bike to use for the event. To be honest, while there are optimal setups depending on road conditions, any bike you’re comfortable on and feel confident on dirt roads and two-tracks will work just fine. Be warned that if that bike is a road bike with 700x23c tires that you might find yourself in a pinch on Sager Road (and don’t even think about bringing tires that skinny on the Panaracer Psycho Killer 100 route…). With that being said, the majority of folks riding drop bar bikes will use anything from a cyclocross 700x33c tire to a larger gravel tire such as the Panaracer GravelKing in 700x43c (better suited for the 100 miler!). Mountain bikes do just fine out on the course as well, and before the popularity of cyclocross and gravel bikes those were the primary mode of transport. Outfitting your 29er with a fast rolling 29x1.9 or 29x2.25 will serve you just fine. Don’t sweat the details over how many millimeters tall your tread blocks are or the durometer of the rubber, just pick one you like and if you get a chance head to Hastings and pedal the course. If you’re looking for more comfort, stability and to just enjoy the scenery we can’t recommend the Salsa Fargo bike enough, and the newer models can handle 27.5 plus tires up to 3” for maximum stability and control! Regardless of the bike you chose, plan to have a good time and enjoy the camaraderie of riding with over 3,000 other like minded souls come race day. Stay tuned as we tackle more FAQs weekly on the lead up to April 13th!