Conditions are great!

Calling All BRX Riders!
The BRX roads are looking great today!  The Barry County Road Commission has continued to work hard to grade the roads and get them whipped into shape for the Race which is only 15 days away!  One caution though, with the high winds this week, Barry County has suffered many downed power lines.  I encountered one this morning on Gurd Road, approximately 1 mile south of Brogan (62 mile course).  The line is being held up by a tree branch, rather precariously.  I would avoid that section of the road this weekend by taking Brogan east of Gurd to Henry, go south on Henry to Pritchardville Rd, turn right on Pritchardville back to Gurd, turning left on Gurd and you will be back on the course.  This adds just a few extra miles to your ride.
Please be careful riding this weekend, watching for downed power lines, and if you encounter a downed line, turn around and do not attempt to cross them.  Consumers Energy is working hard to repair the lines, but it will take them some time.
Ride Safe and have fun...
Your Faithful Road Conditions Reporter,
Nancy Curtis