Spectrum / Pennock Health and Wellness training spin class

If you're in the Hastings area on March 28, Join the Spectrum Health Pennock's, Health and Wellness team for a Barry-Roubaix training spin class. The spin class will be lead by an instructor who will challenge you with a great workout as you view the Barry-Roubaix course on a big screen. Space is limited to 22 who will use the supplied stationary bikes and an additional 15 spots for participants who can bring their own trainer and bike. Anyone attending will be entered to win a free race entry and everyone will receive a Barry-Roubaix sticker. The class costs $7, starts at 6:15 PM and ends around 7:45. Plan to get there before 6 to register and set up for the workout. You need to call to reserve your spot. (269)-948-3139 Let them know if your bringing your own trainer and bike or using their stationary.

Location: 915 West Green Street, Hastings, MI 49058. (Directly across from Spectrum Health Pennock - sharing the same parking lot)