Team Competition!

The Team Competition*** Please read twice before signing up. Make sure you understand the registration process.

  • Only 1 person (team captain) registers your team by checking the team competition box and paying the $25 team challenge registration tabulation fee.
  • All other teammates Do not check the team competition box. You only register as an individual, but make sure your team name is entered and spelled correctly in your checkout profile. The team captain also needs to register as an individual.
  • Once you register for the race as an individual and your team captain registered your team, you will be automatically added to your teams list of participants.

The team has to consist of a minimum number of 5 racers and at least one which is female. There is no maximum number of racers per team. Your Team must be a current recognized amateur Team, i.e. Founders Racing or Racing Greyhounds. We won't accept teams made up of individuals creating a team, such as "Team Green Snot". This is being done to make sure we have enough space for the teams to set up on race day if desired and to also keep the results manageable. Scoring your team will be determined by the average time of all Team participants. Lowest average team time wins and a Team Trophy will be awarded to the winners. Please remember each team member must consistently spell the team/sponsor name exactly the same during registration in order to be scored properly, including punctuation. This is very important, don't mess it up!

6a- Are Team Competition racers still eligible for individual awards?


6b- My team want to enter riders in all three distance classes, can we do that?

Yes! Each distance team will need 5 minimum, one which is female and one rider has to pay the Team Competition entry for each distance you enter.

6c- We don't have any female racers, can use a stand in?

Yes, if she is wearing your team kit and signs up with the same Sponsor/Team Name you are good to go.