Latest Update

3-16-11 Weather is getting warmer and the snow and ice will be gone by the weekend. More importantly the frost should be out of the ground so it can drain when it rains. Fast and dry roads are ahead! The Barry County roads are hard packed and fast even when they are damp from rain as long as the frost is gone. Founders will be providing KEGS this year! No six pack goofiness. Enjoy your beer in an environmentally friendly Greenware cups. What the Truck Catering will have tacos and burritos for sale. Beer and tacos! Yes.

The bonfire pit will be larger this year so we can all plan to stay warm and toasty while hanging out afterwards.

Please read every tab on the website including the news tab and news archives. Lots of questions coming in to me and it is all in here somewhere! If you have a question though, don't hesitate to ask. Rick