Course Conditions

3-2-11 Barry Roubaix course trail report. 60% gravel (muddy if sunny) Fast as hell at night or frozen!

20% snow-covered (fast if frozen, they do salt and that makes for good traction, stay in the middle of the road).

10% Soft carpet gravel. (The kind of stuff you think your tires are flat and your brakes are rubbing).

10% Holy Shit Ice. (the kind of ice where you clinch your ass cheeks tight and hope you don’t go down mixed with dog’s chasing you down the road.)  F-ing Dogs!!!

Other points of interest. Don’t even bother with Sagar Rd! Mullen Rd is one of the two most dangerous spots. Yeckley to Goodwill feels like you are in quicksand. The road to Gun Lake Rd is dangerous and mixed with ice and a Damn Dog at the same time.  F-ing Dogs!!!! Gun Lake Road is a peace of cake.

I would image this will not change through the weekend.

But otherwise, 100% ride able and fun. Studded tires will only make it more painful, I would imagine.

That is your local trail report. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming. Jeff Jacobi