JOIN US April 21, 2018

We invite you to join us as we race and celebrate the 10th anniversary of Founders Barry-Roubaix Killer Gravel Road Race, on April 21, 2018.

Like the classic it’s named after, Barry-Roubaix will test riders against (80%) rolling gravel roads, pavement, one mile of rough two track, rocks, sand, mud, and possibly snow and ice as you traverse the scenic roads of Barry County.

We offer four race lengths to challenge riders of all abilities.
The 22-mile  “Chiller” has approx. 1200 feet of elevation.
The 36-mile Smith Optics “Thriller” climbs approx. 2200 feet.
The 62-mile SRAM “Killer” you can expect approx. 3800 feet of elevation.
The 100-mile “Psycho-Killer” you will enjoy over 6800 feet of elevation! *250 race cap*

Registration will open December 1st 2017  at 8 AM and closes April 18, 2018 at Noon (or when the 3,500 racer cap is met)


The Barry-Roubaix is a participating race in the Michigan Gravel Race Series.  Check out their website for all the details.




We thank all of our sponsors for partnering with us to host the largest gravel road race in the world ! We couldn’t host this race and party without your involvement!! Please continue to support these great businesses for their generous contributions to our cycling community. See all our sponsors >


  • Congratulations Founders on taking the top step!

    Congratulations Founders on taking the top step in 2017. Great competition makes us all reach for the next level!!   For the first time, Founders Brewing Co. in Grand Rapids is Michigan’s largest brewery. Founded in 1997, it eked past longtime leader Bell’s Brewery with the most......

  • LAUF – Sponsor of the “Chiller” 22-mile race

    We’re proud to announce Lauf as our sponsor for The Chiller 22 mile race! You may have seen their unique, maintenance free and lightweight fork design on bikes over the past few years. Their Grit fork is a worthy addition to any gravel rig with......

  • Looking to upgrade for the race? SPECIALIZED!

    10 years ago when the inaugural Founders Brewing Barry Roubaix took place most folks were out there on their mountain bikes. Fast forward to the 10th anniversary edition and there’s more bike options than you can shake a stick at! Thankfully our presenting sponsor Specialized......

  • Greenware USA – Supporting planet earth and the race. Thank you!

    Our presenting sponsor Greenware USA not only supports the race as a sponsor but provides the awesome cups that hold all the post-race Founders Brewing beer! That’s a mighty important job to undertake but Greenware cups are up to the task all while being 100%......

  • Do you have the fastest team around?

    So you think you have one of the fastest teams around, do you !?!!? PROVE IT ! Thanks to Chuck Grzanka at, we offer team competition categories for the 22, 36 and 62 mile races. It’s only $35 too compete and be scored in......

  • Maybe you know someone who needs the motivation

    Registration for the 10th Annual Founders Barry-Roubaix is open! Race day 4/21/2018.  ...