A reminder to check your Bikereg email for important race day updates and info.
You have until Wednesday 4/3 at Noon est. to sell / transfer your entry to someone. We have a Facebook group on our FB page for you to connect with many interested buyers. Please go to the bottom of the page to pick one of the earliest posters.

Wednesday 4/3 at Noon est. is also the deadline for category & race distance changes. You can go into your own Bikereg registration, select edit and make the change to a different race category. *please note 100 milers need to contact us with category change and we’ll manually move you.

Wednesday at Noon is also the deadline to register for the team competition. You must be signed up first as an individual and then you register to compete in the team competition by going into Bikereg and selecting the team competition category of your race distance. Pay the $5 scoring fee.

Sunday 4/7 you’ll receive an email with a file containing all the important details for the race; packet pick up times and locations, start waves, team tents, race rules, parking maps, awards itinerary…..everything!
Also with Sundays email you’ll receive your official start wave and time.

Barry Roubaix