The 2019 Barry-Roubaix is sold out! Wow, 3500 racers and riders crazy about gravel. We set up a Barry-Roubaix Transfer group on Facebook to help connect current racers looking to sell their race entry to interested racers who'd like to purchase a transfer registration.
The transfer deadline for 2019 is April 3 at Noon EST.
The procedure for transferring an entry goes like this;
the original registered racer finds a person to sell their registration to and works out the selling price, how payment for the entry will be received ( Paypal ) and needs the buyers email address. The original registered racer then goes into their bikereg race confirmation or account and selects “transfer to another racer”. Enter the email of the person buying your registration.
The person transferring in gets the email, accepts the transfer, goes to bikereg and selects the category they will be racing in. They will check out and pay the $10 transfer fee.

We ask that you abide by a few simple rules:
1-First, please do not offer to pay more for entries in an effort to incentive others.
2-Second, please charge face value for your entry out of fairness to others. The goal is to not create a "secondary market".
3-delete your post after you succeed with a sale or purchase

Barry Roubaix