LAUF ~ The official suspension of the Barry Roubaix

Lauf is the official suspension sponsor of the Barry-Roubaix along with being the sponsor of our "Chiller" 22 mile event. When it comes to gravel riding and racing sometimes you need a little something to take the edge off, and the Lauf Grit fork does just that! With 30mm of supple suspension to soak up those potholes, rocks and washboard the Grit fork might just be what you need to keep that nagging wrist or elbow happy. Barry-Roubaix staff has used the Lauf Grit fork from everything to short group rides all the way up to 350 mile epic adventures and can say with confidence that it takes the edge off and rolls like butter through those tough washboards sections. Being crafted from carbon fiber and fiberglass the Lauf Grit weighs less than a pound more than our stock Salsa Warbird fork which helps keep that svelte racing steed snappy!

Barry Roubaix