FAQ: Are the courses marked? Do you have GPS files and maps for the courses?

A lot of folks reach out to us asking about course markings and navigating the course routes. Our 22, 36 and 62 mile courses are permanently marked with street signs starting and ending at the City of Hastings. All you have to do is start at the corner of Church and Green streets and follow the green signs and the route of your choice. Do be sure to keep your head up and pay attention to these signs, especially in the more remote sections of the course such as Sager Road where the foliage can obstruct sight lines from time to time. If you use a Garmin or GPS device to track your ride it never hurts to upload the route and have turn by turn navigation available. If you visit our website and click on the Details tab then go to Maps and Files you’ll find printable maps and cue sheets as well as the routes on Strava and GPX files ready to download on Google Drive. We want your ride to be enjoyable and for you to not end up at Lake Michigan! The 100 mile Psycho Killer course is a beast all it’s own. Due to the remote nature of several two-track stretches and the range of the route it is un-marked. Often times signage can go missing in the days leading up to the race and we’ve found that having to follow a GPS route or cue sheet will keep your mind from drifting and missing critical turns. Using a GPS device or even your smartphone to run the route is your best option, but having a cue sheet and/or map as a backup is never a bad idea! Pro tip: checkout the route of your choice ahead of time and be familiar with some key intersections where routes converge and diverge to avoid any navigation snafus!

Barry Roubaix