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Like the classic it’s named after, Barry-Roubaix will test riders against (80%) rolling gravel roads, pavement, one mile of rough two track, rocks, sand, mud, and possibly snow and ice as you traverse the scenic roads of Barry County.

We offer four race lengths to challenge riders of all abilities.
The 18-mile  Lauf “Chiller” has approx. 1000 feet of ascent.
The 36-mile Smith Optics “Thriller” climbs approx. 2200 feet of ascent.
The 62-mile SRAM “Killer” you can expect approx. 3800 feet of ascent.
The 100-mile  Panaracer “Psycho Killer” you will enjoy over 6800 feet of ascent! *300 race cap*

We also have 45NRTH Fat Bike specific categories in the 18 & 36 mile races

We also offer a Team Competition sponsored by Security Credit Union. CLICK HERE for more details

The Barry-Roubaix is participating in the Michigan Gravel Race Series

Photography courtesy of ROB MEENDERING PHOTOGRAPHY