Team Competition


The Team Competition is sponsored by:
Chuck Grzanka  /

The Team Competition Details:


 ** bring weights for your team tents. no stakes in pavement**

>All Racers register and compete as an individual in a race category first.

>A “Captain” may also register a team(s) to compete and be scored in the team competition category. 

>A minimum of 5 racers for a competing team, there is no team member maximum. ( must have 5 finishers to qualify for a competing score)

>You may register seperate teams in each race distance  (example: have a Founders Racing 22 mile team, and a Founders racing 36 mile team and …..62 mile team)

> The team competition  is in the 22, 36 and 62 mile races. NOT the 100 miler

> You register and pay the $35 category fee for each registering team and race length

>Please add the race length when registering your team name, (ex. “Founders Racing 36 mile or 62-mile “

>All individual racer that have your team name in their registration profile will automatically be added to your team competition roster.

>The deadline to register a team for the team competition or to register as an individual and be added to a competing teams roster is 4/10 at Noon EST

>A confirmation email with final team rosters will be sent out to team captains April 16

**Tandems cannot compete in the team competition category

       ***Team Competition Results Scoring***
A teams result time will be calculated by adding up the total time of the top 5 individual finishers from your roster to create a “total team time”.
The team with the lowest total team time wins and a
team competition trophy will be awarded to the winning team. 



Team Competition FAQ:

Q: Are Team Competition racers still eligible for individual awards?
A: Yes!

Q: Is there a maximim number of racers on a team?
A: No. but only the top 5 racers on your team will count towards your teams results time

Q: Will a slow teammates time affect the teams total time results?
A: No. the results scoring is only calculated from your teams top 5 finishers

Q: My team wants to enter riders in all three distance classes, can we do that?
A: Yes! Each distance team will need 5 minimum, one rider has to pay the Team Competition entry for each distance your team enters

Q: Can we use a stand- in from another team to meet the minimum or as a ringer?
A: NO! While it is going to be hard to police, it is illegal to use a fill in ringer from another team as a means to win the category. Lets all play fair here. I am sure other teams will self police this and your team could be called out, that would be embarrassing not to mention grounds for DQ

Q: Can we enter our tandem in the Team Competition?
A: No, tandems are an unfair advantage against solo riders

Q: We have 10 racers so can we have two teams if we made two captains and call one team “Hagerty Racing” and the other “Hagerty Cycling”?
A: If you put 5 into one mileage category and the other 5 in a different mileage category then yes. If you want to put both in one mileage category then no

Q: If a team had only 4 finishers out of 5 does the race total time of the remaining 4 count or is 5 the minimum to be counted?
A:  A minimum of five must enter and a minimum of 5 have to finish. If you have 6 racers let’s say and one does not finish you still meet the minimum of 5 racers

Q: What about the categories (age, fat tire, single speed, etc.) are they based on place in category, or is it simply time?
A: the tabulation is based on time within the distance category, the subdivision classes someone uses does not matter

Q: Will there be a “team” start wave?
A: Unfortunately we can’t do that, they are still being scored as an individual as well and they all need to start in their individual waves otherwise they will be disqualified