Q: When is the race?

A:     April 21, 2018

The plan is to hold the race the 3rd Saturday in April unless it’s Easter weekend. In that case it moves forward and we avoid Michigan Schools Spring break weekends ( the first full week of April) so that usually leaves us with the 4th Saturday in March.

  • March 30, 2019
  • April 18, 2020
  • April 17, 2021
  • March 26, 2022

Q: Where is the race?

A: The start / finish and after-party /awards takes place in Hastings, Michigan 49058

Q: Is there a rider cap?

A: Yes, 3500 racers. registration will close April, 18 at NOON Est. or sooner if the cap is met

Q: If the race doesn’t sell out will you be open for day of registration?

A: No.  

Q: How do I register?

A: On Bikereg.com. Registration will open December 1st, 2017 8 AM est. and close 4/18/18 at NOON est. 

Sorry no mail in registrations.  

No license required. 

Initial Registration entry fee: 22,36 & 62 mile races =$55 and 100 mile race = $65.

Register early and save! Registration for all categories increases $5 at 8AM E.S.T. on January 1, $5 on February 1 and $5 on March 1. 

Q: What age category do I sign up for?

A: Your registration race age category is your age on December 31, 2018

Q: What is the refund policy?

A: No refund or deferring to the following year will be allowed although you can transfer your entry to another rider via Bike Reg prior to NOON,  XXX.

Q: I need to transfer my entry to someone how does that work?

A: You have until April 18 at Noon, e.s.t. to transfer your registration. The procedure for transferring an entry goes like this; the original registered racer finds a person to sell their registration to and works out price, payment and provides them with the original registration confirmation number.
The person transferring in goes to bikereg and selects the “Registration Transfer from another”  category (65) at the bottom of the page. They will enter the name of the original registered racer, original registration confirmation # and the category they will be racing in.  They will check out and pay the $10 transfer fee. 

The price and payment of the transferred registration is between the two parties Looking for a buyer, seller? Make connections on the Barry-Roubaix Facebook page

Q: Can I set up a team tent?

A: Yes, space is limited to those teams registering and competing in the team competition. Tent space is called out on the event area map. Space is on a first come first serve basis and no reservations are allowed. You can start setting up tents anytime after 1 PM on Friday race week. ** Bring weights to hold down your tent. No stakes are allowed in the asphalt.

Q: I’m a fat biker, master or singlespeeder, can I race in the 62 mile “Men Open” category?

A: Yes, anyone can race the 62 mile open category regardless of their age or bike (except tandems)

Q: 3500 racers?! Where is everyone going to park?

A: There are over 2800 free parking spaces in public and private parking lots plus free street parking. Buy a 1 UP USA Bike Rack and get VIP event parking!

Q: Where and when is Packet Pick Up?

A:   April 17  from 4 pm – 8 pm at Founders Brewery Grand Rapids, MI  (**Only if you registered by 4/12/18 will your packet be available for this pick up location)


the Hastings Ace Hardware located 200 S Boltwood, Hastings, MI 49058 Friday April 20 from 4:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. and Saturday April 21 from 7:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m. Please arrive early!

Q: Can I have someone pick up my packet for me?


  • Everyone picking up their packet will need to show ID and sign a waiver for the packet
    To avoid unnecessary race day stress, get there early
  • We will have lines for pick up set by your race bib #. Make sure you know your number and get in the correct line
  • Once you get your race plate, pre-purchased merchandise is listed on the back. Go to Merchandise table to pick up your items

Q: How is the race timed and scored?

A: Chronotrack Timing by Newton Timing. Rigid handlebar number plates with timing chips will be used for the best timing available. Do not remove the timing chip off of the number plate! Do not put the number plate anywhere but on the handle bar or your time will not be recorded! Do not use zip ties to hold your number plate, they will tear the plate. Please use the twist ties provided. The race is timed as if it were a time trial (just like Iceman) to avoid a mass start with 3500 racers! The race is gun timed, each rider will get the start time of their wave

Q: When does the race start and what are the wave start times?

A: The 100 mile race starts at 7 AM. All other race waves start at 10:00 a.m. The 62 mile race waves start first followed by 36 mile and 22- mile race categories. We start in waves and your race wave & start times will be published and communicated race week as well as on the back of your number plate. Starting in the wrong wave will result in disqualification! No exceptions!

Q: What are the cash and prize awards?

A: 100-Mile Open Men & Women:

A: 62- Mile Open Men & Women: $10,000 cash awards plus trophies or medals to the top ten 62 Mile men and women racers (no age categories). 1st-$1200, 2nd-$800, 3rd-$600, 4th-$400,  5th-$200, 6th-$180, 7th-$160, 8th-$140, 9th-$120, 10th-$100. Masters 40 – 50 yrs, Masters 51 + and Single Speed Categories: each class payout 1st’$600, 2nd-$400, 3rd-$200, 4th-$150, 5th-$100. Also a free entry will be awarded to the 2017 race for each of the winners of these 5 classes.

36 Mile: $3000 cash awards sponsored by Greenware plus trophies or medals to the overall top ten men and women. 1st-$450, 2nd-$300, 3rd-$225, 4th-$150, 5th-$135, 6th-$120, 7th-$110, 8th-$100, 9th-$85, 10th-$65 (tandems not eligible for cash awards) * Tandems do not qualify for the overall award*

Additionally, there will be prizes and medals awarded to the top 5 finishers in each 36- mile age group:

View the list of all 36-mile age and categories here 

22-Mile:  trophies/ medals & prizes to the overall top 5 men and women. * (tandems not eligible for overall prizes)

Additionally, there will be prizes and medals awarded to the top 5 finishers in each 22- mile age group:

View the list of all 22-mile age and categories here

Team Competition: The top team in each race distance will receive a team competition trophy and prizes. There is NO team competition race in the 100-mile.

Youth 18 and under: Michigan Youth Cycling and Kisscross Events will award scholarship certificates to the fastest 18 and under male and female in the 22 and 36 mile races each. * amount determined on number of racing youths

Q: When are the awards?

A: 22mile awards held at 1:00 pm, 62 mile awards held at 2:30 and 36 mile awards held at 3:15. If you finish in the top five of the 22 mile race or the top ten of the 36 or 62 mile race please attend

Q: How can I confirm my entry?

A: you may confirm who has entered the race by going to the Bike Reg link and checking the confirmed riders list

Q: I need to edit my entry on Bikereg, my name is spelled wrong, I forgot to add my Team Name, etc. Can I do that myself?

A: Yes, you have the ability to edit your registration information; category, team name, profile info…. through your Bikereg registration for the event. Deadline for making changes is March 15

Q: What is the Cut-Off time for the 100 Mile Race?

A: 100 Mile Cut Off Time: For your safety no individual can go beyond the first aid station after xxx and the second aid station at mile 43 on the 62 mile loop after 1:30 p.m. (10 mph avg). Also be aware that corner marshals and sheriffs will not stay at their post until the very last rider. Once the “majority” of racers has passed they will leave, at this point you can still follow the course marking but no one will be stopping traffic for you. Please follow the rules of the road!

Q: What is the Cut-Off time for the 62 Mile Race?

A: 62 Mile Cut Off Time: For your safety no individual can go beyond the second aid station at mile 43 on the 62 mile loop after 1:30 p.m. (12.3 mph avg). Also be aware that corner marshals and sheriffs will not stay at their post until the very last rider. Once the “majority” of racers has passed they will leave, at this point you can still follow the course marking but no one will be stopping traffic for you.

Q: What should I do if decide to quit?

A: We recommend you ride to the nearest aid station and ask for a sag vehicle to bring you back to the start area. Or if you see a sag vehicle you may wave them down for help.  Please inform the timing people at the finish area that you dropped out!

Q: I signed up for the 62/36 mile race but decided mid race I won’t make it that far. Can I ride the 36/22 mile course and still be timed?

A: No. You can ride back to the finish if you’d like but you must inform the timing people that you DNF’d (Did Not Finish) the proper course. DO NOT RIDE THROUGH THE FINISH CHUTE IF YOU SHORTEN YOUR RACE!  You won’t receive a timing result.

Q: Can I volunteer and race for free?

A: We won’t be offering free entries for volunteers this year since we are paying non-profit volunteers from the Hastings community.

Q: I know it takes a ton of volunteers to put on a race, can I volunteer my time for free?

A: Yes, We might have need for your help, please email us

Q: What is the refund policy?

A: No refund of any kind will be allowed although you can transfer your entry for $10 to another rider via Bike Reg prior to noon.  April 18, 2018

Q: Can I switch race categories after I have registered?

A: Yes, but changes must be made before April 18 at Noon. There is no charge unless you are moving up to a category with a higher entry price (Tandem and 62 miles) which are $10 additional.

Q: Waves have been assigned and now I won’t be starting with my brother, friend, wife, etc. We wanted to ride together. Can you put us in the same wave?

A: No.  Unfortunately we can’t honor this request because due to the timing system and wave assignments. As a reminder, you will be disqualified if you start in the wrong wave

Q: What is offered at the aid stations?

A: CLIF products, Gordon water, Infinit Nutrition sports drink and fruit

Q: Whats available after the race?

  • Finish line recovery tent with food and hydration
  • Race awards
  • Founders Street Party with street bonfires, music and vendors from 11am-6pm Saturday
  • Mobile food trucks and some other food vendors on site
  • West Michigan Mountain Biking Alliance beer tent with Kegs of Founders Ale!  Tickets are $4 each per 16 oz pour or 3 for $10
  •  merchandise

Q: Is camping available?

A: Yes– Clear Lake Camp$10 a night, showers and restrooms. The Gun Lake State Park may be an option as well considering our date change.

Q: Should I bring my family

A: Yes.  Please refer to the City of Hastings things to do flyer! Downtown Hastings also has a great “main street” with shopping, coffee shops, restaurants, etc. Merchant list coming soon

Q: Is daycare available? Canceled due to lack of interest

A: Yes. Licensed Daycare Service: Hastings Community Education Center
Race day hours 8 am – 4 pm. child care services- infant – 12 yrs. $10 / hr or $30 for the day
520 W. South Street Hastings, 49058. Contact Mary Robinson @ (269) 818-0040mrobinson@hassk12.org
Amenities =  Snacks, swimming pool with life guard, ping pong, xbox. reservations prefered

Q: What if we have a storm?

A: the race runs snow, rain or shine but in the event that we have a major record snowfall, tornado warnings or severe thunderstorms the race would be shortened, postponed or canceled with no refunds. The Sager Road two-track section will be re-routed if impassable due to deep snow or severe icy conditions

Q: How does the Team Competition work?

A: Please refer to the ‘team competition’ link in the home page header under Info’

Q: Will Sager Road two track be in the race this year?

A: The first Sager Road (East) will no longer be part of the race course. The second Sager Road (West) two track is part of the course but may have an alternate route if conditions warrant

Q: What tires should I use?

A: 700×34 cyclocross tires with a low tread work great. Kenda Small Block Eight for example. 29 x 1.9 work good on mountain bikes

Q: I ordered some merchandise at registration. Do you mail it to me?

A: No. The merchandise will be distributed to you at packet pick-up. After you get your race number plate take it to the merchandise table to receive your items.